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Technologi Chassiutveckling

Resultatet av vår avancerade teknik, omfattande tester och
kontinuerliga strävan efter överlägsen tillförlitlighet, säkerhet och prestanda.

KECS-Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension

KECS (Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension) anpassas efter vägförhållanden och körstil i realtid vilket ger idealisk dämpning för varje situiation.

KECS adapts to road and riding conditions in real time, providing the ideal amount of damping called for by electronically adjusting damping to suit vehicle speed and suspension stroke speed.  Deceleration is also taken into account, which allows the system to help manage pitching that may occur during braking. 
Control via solenoid valve with direct actuation enables an extremely quick reaction time, making KECS ideal for sport riding applications, where natural feeling is crucial to feeling at one with the bike.  Built-in stroke sensors on both the fork and rear shock provide real-time stroke speed and compression information.  Input from the sensor coils to the KECS ECU is complemented by information provided by the IMU (acceleration/deceleration) and the FI ECU (vehicle speed).  The KECS ECU then directs current to the solenoids to adjust damping as required by the situation.
Selectable modes allow riders to choose softer or firmer base settings.