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2 Juli 2024 2025 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX- och Ultra LX-S-modeller tillkännages

Som produktinnovatörer inom vattenskoterbranschen är bekräftelsen av den nya säsongens produktsortiment från Kawasaki alltid efterlängtad. Och för säsongen 2025 har den japanska tillverkaren precis presenterat sitt sortiment av LX- och LXS-modeller i både Ultra 160- och Ultra 310-serien, komplett med ett nytt tillskott för den kommande säsongen.
Comprising six craft across the LX and LXS ranges, a new addition arrives in the guise of the Ultra 160LX-S Angler, a machine equipped specifically for the needs of fishing enthusiasts either in the realm of sea fishing or in the pursuit of fresh water specimens.

The foundations of the Ultra LX range is based on an engine package for flexible and family friendly fun with a 310 PS engine (300 PS in Europe) for the Ultra 310 boasting double overhead cams, fuel injection and a Rootes type supercharger. Power for the Ultra 160LX is courtesy of a normally aspirated four-cylinder four stroke based on Kawasaki Ninja technology pumping out 160 PS for the USA market and a healthy 152 PS in European guise.

Models of choice for touring in comfort and style, the Ultra 160 LX range were recently upgraded with new seats and foot well designs contribute to more comfortable ergonomics. The instrumentation features a 7” TFT display while Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) enables one-handed thrust control.  Class-leading storage space was completely rethought and includes Easy-Access Storage plus the ULTRA deck, an extended rear deck, offers water fans a broader platform for fun and carrying gear.  Additionally, a rearview camera helps riders monitor what is happening behind.  On the 160LX, the adjustable ERGO-FIT LXury Seat allows riders to tailor their riding position, while Kawasaki’s JETSOUND 4s four-speaker PWC audio system lets them add a soundtrack to their waterborne adventures*.

For the Ultra 310 series, the recently added Launch Control Mode and power mode selection offer more options for enhanced manageability.  Changes to seats and foot well designs contribute to more comfortable ergonomics, while the taller bumper design offers increased splash protection.  For the rider, state of the art instrumentation features a 7” TFT display while Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) enables one-handed thrust control.  Included among the host of standard and optional equipment are numerous PWC industry stand-outs: Easy-Access Storage, the first side-access storage space; rear-view camera; and the new JETSOUND 4s, the first four-speaker PWC audio system*.
While LX in terms of 160 and 310 ranges offers a comprehensive and fulfilling package the LX-S line takes the concept of both families to the next level of sophistication including accent lights, a rear-view camera and the ULTRA deck, with built-in Multi-Mount Rail for the 310 LX-S and  for the 160 LX-S the 7” TFT display, KSRD, a slim seat, Easy-Access Storage, Easy-Access Rear Pocket, Easy-Access Cleats, Multi-Mount Bars, cup holders, accent lights, a rearview camera and the ULTRA deck, with built-in Multi-Mount Rails*. 
Which leaves us with a new craft making its debut in Europe for the 2025 season. the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S Angler.  Equipment for this new style of Jet Ski includes a 7” Garmin Echomap UHD2 which excels in detecting fish with a top-class sharp and clear sonar while offering navigation from recorded routes. For the expected catch a large Orca hard cooler is set to the rear of the craft and includes fishing rod holders. 

A specially designed seat offers comfort when fishing and riding with a flat seating shape enabling sideways sitting, even for two. It’s also easy to move back and forth, and it provides easy access to the cooler box or tackle gear in the back. Designed for both stable riding and comfort when fishing, additional floats are added to the design which can be used as footrests while fishing*.

Like the rest of the 2025 Kawasaki Jet Ski range, the Angler model is offered with a comprehensive range of Genuine Kawasaki Accessories allowing owners to spec their machine according their own personal use.

Solo sporting or touring and watersports fun for the family – and now a model dedicated to the serious fishing enthusiast – Kawasaki continues and innovate in the personal watercraft market.
*Please check with your local distributor or dealer for 2025 specifications and available colours in your market.