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8 December 2017 Kawasaki’s Z900RS navigates in new direction with TomTom Rider 450

The new Kawasaki range for 2018 will include a long awaited retro style machine in the modern classic mould. Called the Z900RS, it has been conceived to match today’s technology with the style of Kawasaki’s “game changer” of 1972, the iconic Super Four model Z1.
Launched in Sitges during the last part of November 2017, the European media had their first chance to ride a machine that had been unveiled by proud senior members of the Kawasaki management at the annual Tokyo Motor Show.
The roads in the Sitges area suit the character of this much anticipated machine well matching any number of exciting tight curves and medium paced corners with long grey ribbons stretching towards the Monserrat Mountains in the distance.
Guiding the way on a 200km day long riding route (and making sure that journalists took no wrong turns in Barcelona on the second day) was efficiently performed by handlebar mounted TomTom Rider 450 navigation devices programmed and maintained on-site by device manager for TomTom, Mark van den Brink.
“TomTom has been working together with Kawasaki on many previous events and the Z900RS Press Launch turned out to be another successful collaboration”, stated van den Brink.
“A lot of preparation work was done on the routes before the start of the event, so we only needed to fine-tune and adjust the GPX-files and load them in the devices. As the event counted three separate riding days, we had to double check and tweak three separate files, but these adjustments were easily processed to all the devices by using the online MyDrive environment where you can manage and update your TomTom via PC or Mac computer.”
Van den Brink took the chance to ride the all new Z900RS and test the TomTom at the same time: “This bike has best of both worlds, classic design with all the technology you would expect on a modern bike. The retro look is really appealing and gives the Z900RS an urban vibe. It captures what a modern classic is all about. Because the bike has modern touches, the TomTom Rider looks natural on the bike and makes manoeuvring the busy streets of Barcelona so much easier.”
Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom, Mark observed: “More and more people tend to ride with navigation devices these days, and that’s where TomTom is trying to make a difference. The TomTom Rider product allows bike riders to create their own perfect adventure simply by tapping the area you want to explore. Thanks to different thrilling ride options, like winding routes and hilly roads, it is easy to define the levels of elevation and “windiness” to your ride, all in order to create your own adventure!”
TomTom and Kawasaki are looking back on a successful event as Van den Brink states: 
“This partnership between Kawasaki and TomTom results in positive publicity for both parties and it felt as if I was adopted in the Kawasaki Family.”
The Z900RS Press Launch counted a full twelve days, and accommodated over 75 journalists from across Europe. The first articles are already online, and many more look set to follow.
For full product specs of TomTom Rider, visit: www.tomtom.com/drive/motorcycle/